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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we began with breaking the news tonight, gunfire erupted less than four hours ago of sight of a recreational center in northwest washington, suspending early voting at of the primary. >> it is not very often that you have a shooting outside of a polling place, but that is what happened. the election board says that they did not ever remember that happening before. this is still an active crime scene. we are told at about a 3:15,
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workers inside of the recreation center heard a single gunshot. they looked outside, then shortly thereafter a young man stumbled into the center shot in the shoulder. he was taken to hospital. at no voters were here at the time. a poll in which shut down about 20 minutes, but then they reopened. >> we certainly know that things happen, and our job is to make sure voters are safe, our staff is safe, our poll workers are safe, and to make sure nobody is discouraged from taking part in the voting process. >> you can continue to vote until about 7:00 tonight. this is the last day of early voting in the district. there is no word on why the shooting happened to. they are on the lookout for four young men at driving a four-door white sedan. it>> thank you.
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switching gears, one of the winners in friday's record- setting mega millions jackpot lives in maryland. so far the identity of that person remains a mystery and everybody shut up for work here today, so it is not one of us. the winning ticket was sold in baltimore county, where richard reeve is with more. >> call this lock or timing, but this is the place where one of those make a million tickets was picked up. a lot of people were hoping the winner would show up, he has not, but a lot of others have come hoping to hit the jackpot. >> we're talking about luck. i am just proud. we won in baltimore. >> it was at this counter, this machine where somebody bought the winning mega millions ticket. >> i was excited at happen so close to home. >> now this store has the aura of good karma.
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is this a lucky 7-eleven? >> i would say yes. >> the mystery winner will take home $213 million before taxes. >> this is the greatest thing ever. >> i decided to cash a day in the and spend $3 on that machine. >> they waited in line again. what was once a typical 7-11, a little more famous now maybe a little more lucky. >> this right here is super hot man. >> a lot of people have been hoping to touch the counter. we have seen a steady stream of people, a lot of media. people are hoping to see the winner, be the winner next time. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> besides the maryland resident who hit all six numbers for the jackpot, many people came close and got some winnings.
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five people in maryland had five numbers, winning a quarter million dollars apiece. five people in virginia will also good to pocket a quarter million. in the district, for people matched four numbers and the mega ball, winning 10 dozen others each. the latest in the trayvon martin's case, rallies were held in d.c. and stanford, fla., demanding action. hundreds marched to the police station, calling for an arrest in the teenagers shooting. the man who killed martin has always claimed self-defense, but we are learning new information about that claim. haley has the latest from the newsroom. >> but martin's family attorney says there is a new ems report coming to light showing the shooter, george zimmerman had no serious injuries, information conflicting with earlier reports from zimmerman's own account. >> it is not a black thing or white thing, it is a right or
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wrong thing. >> angry voices in d.c.'s judiciary square. >> this is the cry of the people to come together and say we want a safer environment for our children. >> the case of the 17-year-old florida boy has got a personal for this reverend who adopted his by racial son the week before trayvon's death. >> we want him in a world where he is not judged by the color of his skin. democrat marched on the stamford police department. civil-rights leaders demanded that the police arrest the shooter, george zimmerman. >> we will pray, we will do that because we want see if the police will not arrest the killer will arrest those who pray. >> the room and's family said
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that he shot him in self- defense. -- zimmerman's family said that george zimmerman shot trayvon martin in self-defense. >> it does not sound like my brother at all. i'm a smaller gathering for martin in the shadow of martin luther king jr.. >> he would be shocked. what he worked for almost 50 years ago is still going on in 2012. >> civil rights leaders said that today's rally called for economic sanctions against the corporation that support the states stand your ground law which allows an individual use force if they feel threatened. >> prince george's county police are searching for a gun man and a homicide overnight that happened to on woodbury street. when officers arrived, the found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital,
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where he died. in just three days, boaters will have their say and a republican that -- but voters will have their say in the republican primary. both candidates were campaigning today. they all attended the faith in freedom coalition meeting trying to win over conservative. conservative. it was sunny and warm earlier today, but koehler this afternoon. a live look outside overcast, and for more on what to expect, let's check in with steve rudin. >> as we move into the evening the skies will clear. the high-temperature from the belfort furniture weather center 64 degrees at reagan national, did not have to head it far south and west to find 77 this afternoon in charlottesville, " or off to the west oakland, 50 degrees. -- cooler off to the west,
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oakland 50 degrees. falling into the upper 30's, mittal 40's, the wind out of the south at 5-10. what can we expect the rest of the week? the forecast coming up. >> still to come -- disturbing new evidence in the disappearance of the missing utah woman. what investigators have found. in d.c., the cherry blossom festival continues. and rg3 excitement, in the d.c. area today pat
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>> we have a fire alarm bell went off in the building but we will stay put because it is a false alarm. secretary of state hillary clinton is attending a security
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conference in saudi arabia. she issued a stern warning to iran to abandon its nuclear program. she said time is running out for diplomacy. she will head to turkey tomorrow to attend a conference about a serial's continuing crackdown on anti-government protesters. in australia, a diver is dead after being mauled by a shark. it happened in perth. they're trying to capture the shark now. we're learning new details about the disappearance of a mother whose husband killed himself and their children last month. investigators say they have newly revealed clues about what may have happened to susan powell who went missing in december 2009. documents and police possession showed that her blood was found in their house and she left a note that if she ever vanished, something was wrong. after she disappeared police in
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utah never arrested her husband. >> they had a lot more evidence than we were ever led to believe. they had statements from josbjh that were clearly lies. am her body was never found. he killed the couple's two young sons and killed himself when he deliberately set fire to their home. fired a tv host keith olbermann is not leaving quietly. he says he will discuss his dismissal with david letterman next week. al gore said that he lote -- no longer fit in and was not showing up for work. he said he did he -- he said he plans to sue. he also had an acrimonious split with previous networks. still to come, flying kites dozens gathered on the mall as part of the annual festival. plus steve rudin has the
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>> the national mall was packed with families for the annual cherry blossom kite festival. >> spring is in the air. hundreds packed the national mall today to give their kites a monumental flight. >> to the center of the political universe. take advantage of all of the hot air of the capitol building. >> kite fliers say on a good day you are not supposed to run. the wind was not as strong as some of the enthusiasm. >> we have to work at it a little bit. >> this is a springtime tradition in washington d.c. these kites have been flying on the national mall over 40 years every year at this time, but it
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is only the second year it has been part of the jury blossom festival. today, the new kite fliers. and the professionals. sport kites faced off and detrick competition. others brought their homemade kites to compete. john is one of the judges. >> i look at a kite and i say i would like to take that home. that is what really gets me. i go for the visuals. >> for others, there is a different appeal. >> i wanted to be way up there in the clouds. >> i have been with my nephew to that event and it is great. >> and the sun came out, enough to warm the temperatures tonight. what is going on outside? the weatherbug, the live hd camera live at rehoboth beach the wind chill factor of 43.
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another month or so, the beach will be packed. the time lapse on the rooftop some of the sunshine earlier in the day. we will look for gradual clearing as we move overnight. 64 degrees the daytime high, stole three degrees above average this time of year. -- still three degrees above average this time of year. the temperature at this hour, 56, the wind out of the east, north east at 21. the weatherbug network children's hospital 51. high today of 58. the final stop, herndon, 55 degrees, high today of 63. the milder air to the south and west. charlottesville, 77 degrees. they're now at 70. hagerstown 49, frederick 52, 50 degrees baltimore, ocean city 48. still warm to the west.
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76 st. louis. the cooler air off to the north and east. at 42 boston, 46 burlington vermont. the high pressure comes in, the skies clear upper 30's, low 40's. another disturbance will arrive late tomorrow night, clouds increase midday tomorrow. with the clouds, a chance of showers, mainly concentrated across southern pennsylvania into northern maryland, not going to amount to much. once the showers move through the high pressure builds for the start of the work and school week with clearing skies, lots of sunshine, but temperatures in the low 70's. tonight, a gradual clearing, evening glow 37-45, of milder temperatures closer towards the best art. tomorrow nap -- closer to the district. tomorrow, i am confident the showers will hold off until late tomorrow evening into the overnight, upper 60's, low 70's.
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the extended outlook, 71 degrees monday and tuesday, a better chance of showers late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. thursday and friday, the tipster school, near average this time of year, low 60's. -- thursday and friday, the temperatures cool, near average this time of year, low 60's. is your home for the abc 7 weather. by popular demand, we have brought back the under water dogs. >> kudos on the weather because my kids and a lot of others have spring. next week. it is that time of year, i get so nervous, i am a capstan. >>-- i am a caps fan. >> rg3 graced the washington area with his presence. sports is coming out.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> everybody is so excited about robert griffin iii people came out in droves to catch a glimpse of the project it redskins picked. he is not wearing a burgundy and gold yet but he fit in at the chantilly expo, signing autographs for thousands of people, lined up around the building. everybody is so excited, he is a celebrity. lorenzo alexander was also in attendance. he was kept away, but the pressure is on the rookie, and he is feeling that. bu>> stay focused on the process compete every day. that is the best i can give. he does not need advice from me,
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he is doing great. >> keep doing what you have been doing. be yourself, go out there and play football. you have the skill set to do it. just relax and play. you don't have any pressure on you. his teammates need to step up and make it easier. just be yourself and don't do anything outside of the war and what you do. >> after missing three months of the season because of a concussion after being elbowed out to the head, nicholas backstrom is finally back in the lineup tonight it could not come at a better time, the capitals in desperation mode. they're trying to make it into the playoffs. alex ovechkin and johansson, his minutes tonight will be closely monitored, nicholas backstrom. dale hunter has coached the team with -- has coached the team in just one game with all of the
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stars in the same lineup. lacrosse, the defending national champs in time, goal, 7-5 terps. hold on, the cavaliers go on a 7-1 run including at great effort. on the ground, on his knees. still able to score. uva wins 12-8. the wizards played one of their best games of the year last night against the sixers, and you could see the effects that may as having on the young guys snapping a five-game losing streak. first-place philadelphia, all about the offense, john wal a high percentage shot. how about martin? lighting it up, watch for yourself, 20 points, 4-7 behind the park. the wizards role, winning 97-66.
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baseball, the nationals against the cardinals, stephen strasburg pitching four innings. he will start opening day for the nats. strasburg allowed three runs, toot earned runs, all in the second inning, giving up five hits overall. he finished spring training with a 1-4 record. he will start april 5 against the chicago cubs at wrigley field. kentucky forward anthony davis won the award as the top player in the nation edging out thomas robinson. davis is just the second freshman to win. my dad was a union electrician. sometimes i'd tag along to a work site carrying his lunch or tools. it was good, honest work. i went to college with the help of a union scholarship, then started a maryland business, creating jobs by providing financing to small companies wall street ignored.
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today, congress is ignoring our need for jobs. my dad the electrician taught me, if something's broken, get in there and try to fix it. i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> construction workers putting the finishing touches on what will be the tallest building in western europe. when the building in london is finished, it will be more than 1,000 feet tall. the building will not hold the title very long. two . skyscrapers are expected to beef 60 feet taller. -- to skyscrapers in paris are expected to be 60 feet taller. >> take a look at this, the underwater dogs,, on the homepage, we have about 10 pictures of dogs underwater playing, it is fun. the extended outlook, the temperatures well into the 70's tomorrow and monday, a better chance of showers late tuesday night into early wednesday. the temperatures cooled just a bit, near average thursday and friday, the evening lows in the 40's, low 50's. >> my goal in life, out with my
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new underwater camera, to get on steve rudin's website. thank you for joining us.


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